Generous support from the Golfers’ Charitable Foundation funded Wide Angle Youth Media Baltimore Speaks Out (BSO) introductory media workshops for students at Mount Royal Elementary Middle School. To date, 46 middle school students participated in high-quality after school creative programming during fall, winter and spring trimesters. They learned digital media production, and practiced critical thinking, public speaking, team-building and leadership skill development. Youth created personal and collaborative projects using animation, photography, music and other forms of digital storytelling.  The program has had a significant impact on students and has gained popularity over the course of the year. BSO is an important artistic outlet and a safe space for youth at the end of the school day.

“While we’ve admired all of the work that Wide Angle does for the youth and citizens of Baltimore for years, we are so proud that our son is now a part of your programing through Mt. Royal Elementary Middle. We love the school, but unfortunately they have been without a full time art instructor for some time. [My son] really looks forward to the time he gets to spend in the WAYM program on Tuesdays and Thursdays and as the year has gone on he has invited other artsy friends to join him in the program. Thanks for all you do and will continue to accomplish.” – Ryan P. – BSO parent