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Grant Request

You are invited to submit a Grant Request to the Golfers’ Charitable Foundation for evaluation and consideration by the Charity Committee.

The criteria for rewarding grants is as follows:

  1. For the benefit of children in the Baltimore Metropolitan area
  2. Preferably benefitting “in need” youth
  3. Gifts should be for a tangible purpose (rather than to be placed in a general fund)
  4. Gift should be for the majority of the project
  5. Gift should be significant to the organization
  6. No more than a 2-year agreement
  7. You are a section 501(c)3 organization
  8. Cost of the project must be adequately detailed
  9. Your organization is located in the Baltimore Metropolitan area

While these are the criteria we follow, it is not imperative that all of the criteria are met. We require that all grant requests be in writing and received by our office no later than June 1, 2019. The Charity Committee reviews all requests and presents their recommendations to the Board for approval. We receive far more requests than we can meet each year, so unfortunately, we must decide which organizations will receive funding. Organizations meeting more of our criteria have a greater chance of receiving a grant. Our annual fundraiser is in early October, an d grants are issued in late October.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 410-628-4215, or email Robert Ariosa at

To submit a request, complete the form below:

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